Manchester United vs Inter Milan - Penalties

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7th goal vs LA Galaxy - Ashley Young

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6th goal vs LA Galaxy - Ashley Young

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5th goal vs LA Galaxy - Reece James

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4th goal vs LA Galaxy - Reece James

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3rd goal vs LA Galaxy - Wayne Rooney

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2nd goal vs LA Galaxy - Wayne Rooney

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1st goal vs LA Galaxy - Danny Welbeck

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It’s the biggest club because of how well it’s known around the world. In sport, you are never the biggest club because every season you have to be prove. Last year, you were seventh so then you are not the biggest club. But it’s well known all over the world. When I was in China or Brazil, people are talking about United when I was the coach of the Dutch team. That’s the difference.

- Louis van Gaal

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It’s the biggest club of the world. Within two days, I know already how important Manchester United is but also how important the sponsors are. I have to work, I have to prepare a team, I have to adapt to this big club. It shall not be easy but I will do my utmost best and, when you see my career, you can see what I have won. That’s all I can say. The future shall show if I can do that again.

- Lous van Gaal

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Life of Ryan

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