"It was one of the best games of my career for Manchester United and I’m really happy with the saves, the win and for the team as well. It’s difficult to say something about the crowd. When they sing your name like this, it is unbelievable."

- David de Gea

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David de Gea late saves.

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2nd goal vs Everton - Radamel Falcao

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David de Gea penalty save

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1st goal vs Everton - Angel di Maria

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"He needed that goal. I talked with him and I told him that he was forcing himself too much to score. He is a player who scores in every match. Now he has his, it will be better after the international break."

- Louis van Gaal

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"I hope to score many in the future. It was amazing that my first goal was at Old Trafford, I enjoyed it with all the fans and I want to say thank you to God, my team mates, all the staff and the coaches."

- Radamel Falcao

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"It was good. I didn’t see the ball well, only at the last minute. I just put out my hand!"

- David de Gea

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"It was an impact on his knee and he has a dead knee. He could have made it worse so that is why he stepped out."

- Louis van Gaal

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"David De Gea was fantastic today. When there are a lot of players in front of you your view is not so good as a goalkeeper. When the shot comes in from outside the box it is always at the last moment that you see the ball, but his reflexes are very good."

- Louis van Gaal

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"I think this goes even further than three points. It was absolutely vital to get the three points for everyone’s belief and the fans’ belief. They were right behind us and were absolutely great.” - Robin van Persie

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