"I rejected City’s offer to play for the best club in the world. My time in United is over and I should find another place. Right now I don’t feel complete. I’m not a bench player, so obviously my time at United ended. My goal in my life was to reach the top and Manchester United was exactly this. I wouldn’t do something like [what Tevez did]. Tevez did it out of spite. I had the opportunity to sign for City but I chose United. City are the champions but to me they just bought the title. I’m sure next year Manchester United will be on top again. Ferguson is honest. He knows how to talk to anyone. After meeting with him you go out so motivated. You want to conquer the world. I was fighting for my place and I was trying but obviously the team will rely on young players."

— Dimitar Berbatov  (via mightyloki)
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Dimitar Berbatov in action against AmaZulu FC

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Reece Brown and Dimitar Berbatov 

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Berbatov and Evans during training session

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Berbatov waiting for the game to start

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Evra and Park celebrating with Berbatov

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Berbatov celebrates his goal with team mates

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Dimitar Berbatov has just scored Manchester United’s 1500th goal in the Premier League. 

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What an eventful 2011. Bring on 2012

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"United play like a team. The team is the star, not only one player, that’s why you can put me and Michael Carrick at centre-back; we’re going to win because it’s the team effort and team spirit. This is why I’m so proud to play here."

- Patrice Evra

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5th goal - Berbatov

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